Essential oils

Essential oils for acne prone skin

Essentail oils for acne prone skin. Before we jump in, check out my disclaimer here. Unfortunately, most of us have had to deal with acne sometime in our life. We all wanted to find something that would clear up our skin overnight. Essential oils  for acne prone skin may be helful. We all have different… Continue reading Essential oils for acne prone skin

Essential oils

Cleaning with Essential oils

Did you ever think to use essential oils for your own homemade cleaning products? This post contians affiliate links to products that could be helpful to my readers. Take a look at my disclaimer.. Cleaning with essential oils I've got to be honest, I hated cleaning my house before I used essential oils. The smell of bleach… Continue reading Cleaning with Essential oils


What you need for keeping a rabbit

Rabbit Supplies Please take a look at my disclaimer here. Lets talk about rabbit supplies. If you are looking into getting a rabbit, this read is a must. This will give you an idea of what supplies you will need. Please keep in mind that these products are ones we have purchased for our 4 pound… Continue reading What you need for keeping a rabbit

Essential oils

Cooking with essential oil basics

Try cooking with essential oils, but first read my disclaimer here. Want to spruce up your dish? Try cooking with essentail oils. They add great flavor and are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. Please do your research before using essentail oils in your food. Some brands do not recommend ingesting. I use… Continue reading Cooking with essential oil basics

Essential oils

How I started with essential oils

How I got started with essential oils. Before we get started, you may view my disclosure here. Let me tell you how I got started. I've had migraines occasionally. Then it got to the point, it was just about once a week. Something that a simple pill would help as long as i wasnt already getting… Continue reading How I started with essential oils