Essential oils

Carrier oils and essential oils

Carrier oils

Carrier oils are oils that you can add to your own homemade recipes. Because essential oils can evaporate quickly, using a carrier oil will help to apply it over a larger area.

There are vegetable, seed and nut oils in your grocery store, but you want to look for a carrier oil that is cold pressed as to the ones that have been processed with chemicals.

Whether you use an essential oil with or without a carrier oils, it is always recommended to do a patch test with your essential oil.

Here is a chart of some popular carrier oils, basic uses and shelf life. With some carrier oils you may refrigerate them to extend the shelf life.

Coconut oil is a very popular carrier oil because it can be used for many different things. It is moisturizing and it is affordable.

You can also use olive oil. Just check for a natural olive oil if that is what you choose.

Some essential oils are considered “warm oils” or “hot oils” which include:

  • Cassia

  • Cinnamon bark

  • Clove

These are recommended to use with a carrier oil. If it is placed neat on your skin, it will be very warming.

So whatever carrier oil you use, it can help cover a larger area. Plus your essential oil will go further. Don’t know where to start with essential oils, check out Introduction to essential oils.

Do you have a favorite carrier oil that you like to use, comment below.

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