What you need for keeping a rabbit

Rabbit Supplies

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Lets talk about rabbit supplies.

If you are looking into getting a rabbit, this read is a must. This will give you an idea of what supplies you will need.

Please keep in mind that these products are ones we have purchased for our 4 pound holland lop. Depending on your your rabbits size, you may choose a different size of cage, feed bowl, etc.

What you need

  • Cage – to start with you will need a cage for your rabbit. Start by finding a cage that is approximately 4x the size of your rabbit. The more room the better. Decide on whether you will keep him inside or out. I use a Critter nation cage. This cage is usually not used for rabbits, but it is so easy to clean. It also has two front doors that open so everything is easy to get too. We also have used a Kaytee dwarf rabbit cage . We usually use it for taking our rabbit to the vet.
  • Water bottle – I like the 26 ounce  Kaytee glass water bottle. I also purchased a plastic water bottle from Wal-Mart for around $4.00. I use this when I need to transport the rabbit to the vet.
  • Food bowl –  I use a small ceremic food bowl for my Holland lop. Try to find a bowl that is easy to clean. They also make a pellet and hay holder. This would make it easy to keep your feed in one area.
  • Litter box – If you plan on litter training your rabbit, you will a litter box. I use this litter pan because it is very easy to clean and it keeps his paws from getting soiled. It attaches to the cage easily and can be taken out with no problems.
  • Feed – this is important. You will want to buy a good quality feed. Depending on the rabbits age, sex, whether its nursing, you will want to get the protien percentage that your rabbit needs. Most rabbits do well on 16% protien feed. Alfalfa is great to allow them to graze on daily. Vegtables are great to add to their everyday meal also.

Quick Tips

  • If you use essential oils, try this recipe for a natural cleaner

Glass spray bottle

2 quarts distilled water

2 drops Lavender essential oil

If you do not have a glass spray bottle, mix recipe in a glass jar. Poor the recipe in the bottom of tray, move it around, then rinse off thoroughly.

Take a look at Introduction to essential oils post if your interested in essential oils.

  • On warm days, try freezing a water bottle or 2 litter of water, place it in your rabbits cage to keep him cool.
  • Try placing a ceramic tile in the cage for the rabbit to lay on to keep cool also.
  • Rabbits teeth continue to grow. Place a wood log in rabbits cage to allow him to chew and keep teeth filed down.

If you have a favorite product that you use for your rabbit, please share in comment section.

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