Essential oils

Introduction to essential oils

What are essential oils

Essential oils help protect plants and are 50 – 70 x more powerful than herbs. When extracted from different parts of the plant, by steam distilled or cold pressed, they can be used for many different things.

Essential oils and synthetic drugs.

  • Less side effects than over the counter drugs
  • Essential oils are made from hundreds of compounds that have medicinal benefits

Wintergreen has a chemical compound called methyl salicylate which is also found in Bengay.

Three ways to use essential oils

Aromatic – by breathing in essential oils this is the fastest way to get essential oils into the bloodstream. Diffusing essential oils is a good way to reduce germs in the air. It is important, when using a diffuser, to make sure it is for essential oil use and it covers the amount of square footage you need.

Topically – when applying essential oils to skin, it enters the bloodstream within 30 seconds. You can also apply to head, feet, ears, chest and the back of the neck.

Internal – when ingesting essential oils always read the labels first. Add essential oils to water, gel capsule, or under the tongue or roof of the mouth. You may want to consult your doctor before using them as well if you feel uncomfortable with ingesting them.

Using Essential oils safely

Always do you research before using a brand of essential oils. They are not all equal. This is the brand I have been using.


Essential oils should be kept away from eyes, inside ears, and nose. They also can be diluted with a carrier oil. If using essential oils with water, shake mixture before each use.

Essential oils are safe when used properly and have very few side effects. One side effect of using citrus oils can result in sun sensitivity. Please keep that in mind. Check out How I started with essential oils  here.

Want a kit of essential oils to start out with, click here.

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